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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - QHHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

This technique was created by Dolores Cannon with over 40 years of practice. During that time it evolved from a simple hypnosis for smoking cessation or overeating to now helping people understand why they are here on this earth and what their life mission is. The induction technique allows a person to go deeply into the theta state, into the space that you experience daily, like just before going to sleep or upon waking up. Here is where magic can happen, with the client going to a past existence, a current or even future existence. Later in a session, the Subconscious is contacted, which can also be called your Higher Self, your Over soul or any other name you wish to call it. It is that part of us that knows the answers to everything about us, which is why when you come for a session, you bring a list of questions you want answered. The answers help and guide you to where you need to channel your attention in this life to get the most out of it along with the best outcomes for you.

I personally have experienced several QHHT sessions and have found many answers, one of them was that I wanted to know why I wanted the symbol within the womans body on my Logo for Touch of Light. My higher self said “this signifies the Spark of God that you and every living thing has inside it.” I was blown away! I knew I had to place that symbol inside the picture of the praying female but didn’t know why!

If you are interested, please call 519-842-7286 for a session. I would love to be part of your life journey!

Preparing For Your QHHT Session
This day is for you. For 5 to 6 hours, leave behind all of your responsibilities, make no appointments for later, they will be there tomorrow. Today is for you. One day that you will practice self care because you are worth it and owe it to yourself! One day. Please make sure you have no appointments or have to be somewhere later.

It is easy to go into hypnosis, just like the period before you drift off into sleep, you do it daily and you don’t even know it!
First we will get to know each other in an interview of about 2 hours, where you will tell me about your life and it is interesting how sometimes a memory may come up that you hadn’t thought about for years. You will talk and talk and tell me about experiences, dreams or anything you wish to talk about. This is totally confidential and will also help me know what to ask you while you are in hypnosis later.

Helen’s suggestions:
Practice visualizing a few days before. Can you visualize a red apple, (or your favorite fruit) smell that apple, bite into that red apple and hear the crunch, taste the flavour, feel the juices pour into your mouth, chew that mouthful of apple and swallow.

When you practice this visualization, it allows the right brain to open up a little further and it will become easy to visualize during your session. You will feel so relaxed and the images or feelings will come so easy to you!

Here are a few pointers to create the best scenario and have the best results for your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session:

• Your session is private and will be recorded for you, (you may also record with a device) no one else is allowed to be in the room with you. The first time you listen to your recording following the session, (NOT driving a vehicle!) in a safe place at home, do so in private, after that you may allow others to listen if you wish. Listen to your recording often in the weeks afterwards.

• If you meditate, do so that morning to put yourself in a relaxed state

• Refrain or limit alcohol intake the evening before

• Refrain from using alcohol or any other mind altering substance the morning of your session. If you are on a prescription medication, by all means follow your doctors orders.

• If you use caffeine (coffee) on a regular basis, do so the morning of, however limit yourself to the least amount you need

• Eat a light meal before you come, bring light snacks and drinks with you as there will be time you may want to eat. A heavy greasy meal may prevent you from deeply relaxing as you will be in a lying position on a comfortable bed for up to 2 hours.
• You will be guided to 1 to 3 past lives, depending on what your subconscious/higher self feels you need to know about your current life.

• Bring your list of neatly printed or preferably typed on paper questions that you want answered, they can be anything, about healing, health, life purpose, fears, phobias, anxieties, problems or situations in this life, relationships with family or friends, anything that comes to mind. Approximately 20 questions is suitable.

• Following your Higher Self answering all of your questions and delivering all the information you will be able to process, I will bring you out of the hypnosis state where you will feel refreshed, happy and feel like you had a good nights sleep! You may or may not remember everything you said while in state so we will take the time to discuss everything you felt during the session. Remember you will have a recording to listen to later.

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