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Helen's Journey

My journey, as everyone’s journey, has been a lifelong one. As a child I was a bit of a loner, preferring to be with the farm animals and playing outside in the forest and fields. I remember explaining to my mother there were two of me. A body with a ‘springy thing’ inside that the skin held it in. I drew her a picture in one of her nursing anatomy medical books; it looked like a Michelin Man. In those medical books I began to learn about anatomy. I was a sponge at an early age. I can’t find the picture I drew, but it is burned in my memory.

My mother became a Jehovah’s Witness and I received my first education about God and learned how cruel the world could be. I was a loyal follower and went house-­‐to-­‐house ‘spreading the word’. Many doors were slammed in my face; I was an outsider at school because we didn’t celebrate occasions like the other kids. As I grew older and began to think for myself; I left the religion and my family to go out on my own. Perhaps I was just a rebellious teenager? Perhaps not.

During a stupid act, I had a near death experience. I saw my body lying there and I couldn’t believe that’s what I looked like! I went through the spiral tunnel you hear about, and came to a portal opening were I met a male figure with beautiful features and light glowing all around him. That image remains as vivid today; the love that surrounded him. I felt this was Jesus Christ. I wanted to go but he wouldn’t let me. I remember feeling anxious and annoyed but he told me that it was not my time; I had things to do in my life before I could go back ‘home’. At the age of 16, I knew this was home and not where the body that was Helen was laying. I looked back at that body and obeyed him.

I married at 17, had two beautiful children, worked hard and made a life. My father died when I was 23 and my mother when I was 25. The recurring dream of two coffins I had for years prior came to reality. They died two years apart.

At 28 I met a psychic in a hospital smoking room; she told me things that astounded me! Though I obtained her card I never intended to see her again (in the future she became my lifeline with yearly visits). She freaked me out which is strange because I already knew things, but I never told anyone else, I kept mostly to myself.

When my husband’s mother passed, it changed our whole family. Very tough. I decided to go to visit a psychic, but because of our religious upbringing, this was considered the work of the ‘devil’. The woman was blind, she held my hand and told me I had just lost someone but she was just fine. She explained the silver cord that holds us to the body that we are born with and when we leave the cord is severed. These words jumpstarted my journey of remembering and discovering Spirituality.

Since then, I’ve been searching. Grateful to the universe and my family to have been able to travel to European countries, Mexico, Peru, India, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Greece, many parts of North America and the Caribbean Islands. In these places I have felt the energies while visiting temples, churches, mosques and archeological sites. Learned about the indigenous peoples, their practices and have studied religions. I feel that since the beginning of time people have looked for purpose to their existence. Most have created massive structures they attend to ‘house’ their Gods and Deities. I have found that God can be found anywhere, anytime. The closest I feel to Mother/Father God is in nature.

During a past life regression with one of Sylvia Browne’s ministers, I connected to a couple of my past existences. Absolutely incredible! I know we are souls that never die; we suffer on this earthly plane but it is for our souls learning. Under hypnosis I learned my life purpose is to “Help People”.

Over the years I studied many paths; Therapeutic Touch, Shamballa, Multi Dimensional Healing, Zenith Omega are among them; and I am a Reiki Master.

I also know God does not want us to suffer. We are supposed to live a joyous life, but in this thick earthy plane with negativity, competition, selfish acts, greed, desire for money, it becomes hard to live joyously.

I used to have the condition called Fibromyalgia. Diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, who told me to take medications and to stop working, volunteering with Girl Guides and Palliative care. Just rest more and life would not be the same again.

Thanks to a friend I was introduced to Adam, Dreamhealer. He was 16 at the time and born with a gift to help many. I attended his Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue workshop and he taught us how to use energy of the universe to heal ourselves. He talked about Light, energy and how we can bring it into us, AND it healed me. Three days following the workshop, I slept and detoxed. I was then able to walk on my feet without pain, squeeze my hands and make a fist without pain. Since 2004 have not felt that kind of all-encompassing pain ever since.

I have seen too many people I love suffer and die. A few years ago a peer was diagnosed with liver cancer and given a year to live. I don’t know why I felt so connected to her, we were never close prior. I did what I could for her and was there during her last breaths. I fell into a depression after and went on medication. I couldn’t seem to pray or do my regular meditations; it was like I became disconnected. Then, I discovered Medical Biomagnetism!

The same friend who introduced me to Adam told me about a therapist in Toronto who was doing treatments with magnets. Her family had great results. My back and shoulder had been killing me and my knee was swollen for almost two years and no physiotherapy or anti-inflammatory seemed to help. My doctor wanted to send me to a knee surgeon.

Two treatments within two weeks and WOW my shoulder and back stopped hurting! Within three months my knee was normal! I took my husband. His shoulder stopped hurting, after a month his blood sugar was normal! He was amazed as he is my biggest skeptic. At that point I KNEW I had to learn this therapy to help people! It was like I turned into a new me. I became alive again! I didn’t have extra money for tuition, flight or hotel. I own a cleaning business; that just pays the bills. But it is true, the universe provides!

In 2011 I completed Level 1 Biomagnetism; then completed Level 2 Bioenergetics in 2012.

I am here as a servant of God to help those in need to relieve their physical and mental suffering with an amazing yet simple therapy.

You have nothing to lose, except the pain, and “The Best is Yet to Come”

In Love and Light, Helen Benko

Meaning of the name Helen – in Greek, shining ray, bright light

The Touch of Light, by Helen

Helen Benko Indigo Festival The Touch of Light By Helen, at the 3rd Annual Indigo Festival in Tillsonburg, May 2-4, 2014.